Bringing Conscious Shopping to Your Doorstep!

Urban Sage Shop is an online vegan superstore from Pune, India. We are committed to providing easy access to 100% vegan, ethically made, cruelty-free, and sustainable goodies - all around the country.
After researching and taste testing done by our in-house team, we have handpicked sellers from across the country to bring you the best of plant-based goodness. Along with the 100% vegan foodstuff, we also stock a haul of secondhand books, clothing, accessories, plus our one-of-a-kind upcycled fashion line.

Aruna Kapoor

The brain behind Urban Sage Shop, Aruna Kapoor is an ardent animal lover and has been a vegan and animal rights activist since 2011. She recognizes that creating vegan businesses and products is the best way to encourage and support people to make conscious and earth-friendly lifestyle choices. Her awareness of various products available across India inspired her to unite all these brands under one roof.

Abhishek Pitroda

A self-taught designer and seamster, Abhishek Pitroda is enthusiastic about reusing old textiles and fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces. He is the creative director of our upcycle fashion line that features gender neutral clothing, bags, accessories and more, made from scratch using second hand, sustainable materials materials. He is plant-based.

Andrea Murthy

Whether it's shooting videos for our social media platforms or assisting in our day to day business requirements, Andrea Murthy handles everything with the same gusto. She is an avid thrifter who loves a good deal! Andrea is also an entrepreneur and manages her own sustainable jewellery business with her family.

Kaustubh Bhatkar

A modern farming enthusiast, Kaustubh has successfully and organically cultivated exotic veggies in extreme conditions. The project was recognised by the government of Maharashtra. Part time restaurauntier and full time plant-lover, Kaustubh is currently exploring the plant-based lifestyle.

Aishwarya Misal

Taking care of our procurement, distribution and packaging, Aishwarya is a physiology graduate from Pune University. She has an extensive experience in IT and real estate, plus she has successfully run a restaurant too. She is currently discovering the benefits of a plant-based life.

Ketki Zod

A commerce graduate, Ketki is well-versed in all aspects of administration and operation. She is a nature lover and a organic farming enthusiast, who is slowly exploring the plant-based lifestyle.

Shivraj Mulge

A B.Com Graduate with 6+ years of experience in managing company accounts, Shivraj Mulge handles all our business administrative work. From monthly bill books to working closely with our CA. He is plant-based which gives him the energy and enthusiasm to run a vegan business as well as manage his family-run business.

Rahul Joshi

Managing the appearance of our website as well as taking care of the technical backend aspects, Rahul helps to create a seamless online-shopping experience. He is a trained web designer and developer working in the field for over 10 years.