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Whether you’re newly exploring veganism, are lactose intolerant, diabetic, vegan for ethical reasons or discovering the power of plant-based meals; these cloud kitchens in Pune are here to help! From breakfast, lunch, dinner to dessert, they’ve got you covered. These six driven, innovative and creative chefs are cooking up a storm in their kitchen and delivering their phenomenal dishes to your doorstep.


Granny’s Bowl

From the meatiest vegan burger in town to mock-meat biryanis; Call Granny’s Bowl when those cravings kick in. Serving global favourites made fresh to order, with love, this takeaway service offers a variety of flavours. Founded by Jaya Ray, who moved to Pune from Dubai dreaming about merging her fond memories of her grandmother’s cooking with vegan food service to help people realise that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favourite dishes.

Most Popular Dishes: Mock Meat Curries & Frozen Desserts

Contact: 9049230636

Check out their Instagram handle


Mamma Zulu

If you’re looking for meals to match your vegan diet, MammaZulu should be on your speed-dial. Started as an Instagram handle by Amrita Shah, the Mammazulu’s bakery is all about choosing wholesome and healthy alternatives. You won’t find any refined flour, sugar or any other preservatives in their recipes. The indulgent menu features sweet baked goods like cookies, muffins, tea cakes made using natural sweeteners like 100% maple syrup, jaggery and organic coconut sugar. But that’s not all! MammaZulu’s Kitchen, an offshoot to the Mammazulu bakery, also delivers wholesome salad bowls, wraps and even a three-course meal available for pre-order.

Most Popular Dishes: Granola Breakfast Mix & Nut Butters

Contact: 9607056533

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Ekta’s Kind Kitchen:

As the name suggests, this is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free kitchen! Helmed by Sakshi Raheja and her family, Ekta’s Kind Kitchen intends to bring focus on vegan food without losing the taste and flavours. Get your hands on some delectable mock-meat tikkas, soya chaap, vegan cheese spreads, pizzas, biryani, wraps and much more. Check out their Instagram page for regular offers.

Most Popular Dishes: Biryani & Raita

Contact: 8999848573

Check out their Instagram handle


Willingly Vegan

Compassion towards all living beings was instilled in Anshu Kering Jodhawat by her parents at a very young age. While being vegan came easy, the most difficult part was to satisfy her sweet tooth when she craved warm doughnuts or fudgy brownies. That’s when Willingly Vegan came to life! From a range of brownies, cupcakes with dairy-free whipping cream, doughnuts, cake pops, fruit cakes, cake jars and so much more - Willingly Vegan provides an option to satiate your dessert cravings without compromising the taste.

Most Popular Dishes: Cupcakes & Muffins

Contact: 9765905470

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Back to Basics

Whoever said vegan food is boring hasn’t tried the delicacies of this delivery kitchen. Owned by Anuradha Sawhney, an ex-chief functionary and head of PETA Back to Basics aims to satiate all your cravings while keeping it plant-based. Whether you’re looking to gorge on healthy vegan whole-grain meals or go all out on pizzas and quiches. You’ll find it all here! Sawhney also runs a factory that produces bread (multi-grain, gluten-free, e.t.c) cheese and a large selection of cakes and bakes.

Most Popular Dishes: Ragi Bread, Cheese & Indian Desserts

Contact: 8806177007

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The Real Green Kitchen

Started in 2015 as Pune’s first 100% vegan restaurant, The Real Green Cafe had a 5-year long run before successfully transforming into a cloud kitchen. The brainchild of Aishwarya Vishwanath, The Real Green Kitchen aims to bridge the gap between plant-based dynamic trends and the restaurant industry which can no longer ignore the growing trends of veganism. The menu features a variety of healthy and indulgent offerings like bbq pizzas, pasta, stir-fried veggies, milkshakes and much more.

Most Popular Dishes: Sandwiches & Burgers

Contact: 8806270327

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