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Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about our favourite fast food sandwich getting a makeover around the globe. From McDonald launching their plant-based patties in the UK, Burger King offering their Impossible Whopper all around the US and even homegrown brands like Burgrill and Imagine Meats launched their first plant-based chicken burger patty across major cities in India.
If you’re wondering why suddenly everyone is so obsessed with PBBs (plant-based burgers), what’s so great about it and can you replicate a burger experience without sacrificing the taste?
Read on to find out.

1st, Plant-based is Better for You:

Plant-based patties are devoid of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics that are usually found in meat. These antibiotics enter the environment and the food chain. Vegan patties lack chemicals, instead, they’re full of fibre, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and yes, PROTEIN. Plant-based patties are full of proteins.

2nd, No Sacrifice on Taste or Texture

We could argue that meat by itself doesn’t have any flavour or taste. Most people wouldn’t enjoy meat without seasoning. Do you know what seasonings are made of? Plants. Hence, our plant-based patties are full of flavours. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice the taste and texture of meat. Our vegan patties are made with soy and pea protein by experts to replicate the taste and texture of real meat but without cruelty.

3rd, Saving the Planet, One Burger at a time:

According to the UN , the meat industry is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Meat production not only contributes to air pollution but also leads to deforestation, land degradation and water contamination. PBBs naturally use less water, land and create less greenhouse gas emissions compared to a regular meat burger.

4th, Feeding millions of starving people

We produce enough food in the world to nourish the entire human population, yet over 800 million people go to bed starving because most of the crops are fed to livestock. It takes a lot more plant food to produce a small amount of animal-based food causing a compromise to the food supply chain. By choosing a plant-based burger, our farmed crops will be consumed by humans, as they should be.

5th, Eliminate the Risk of Cancer

There is strong evidence that processed meat is known to cause cancer cell growth. The WHO has classified all processed meats as Group 1 carcinogens that are linked to colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and overall cancer mortality. Research shows that there are certain chemicals in meat - both added and naturally occurring - that cause cancer. Furthermore, it also proves that people on plant-based diets are about 40% less likely to develop cancer. Need we say more?

Hopefully, we’ve cleared all your doubts about the goodness of plant-based burgers, but if you’ve got more questions, check out this article.


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